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What Are a Landlord`s Legal Obligations When Renting Out Their Newham Property? 01 August 2022

Many people think that being a landlord is easy. Rent out a property, move some people in, sit back and rake in the cash… if only it was that simple.

Any experienced landlord knows that owning rental property is hard, and it can be a 24/7 job in the event of any issues.... Read More

How to Carry Out a Property MOT on Your Newham Buy-to-Let 25 July 2022

It pays to sit down once a year and review how your buy-to-let is performing and flag up any potential issues looming on the horizon. A two-minute read.

We"re all familiar with an MOT, an annual check-up to ensure your car is safe and good to go for the year ahead.... Read More

Get the Picture: Why Sellers Should Use High-Quality Property Photos 21 July 2022

When selling a home, good-quality property photos help you attract more buyers and achieve a higher asking price. What"s not to love? A three-minute read.

One of the golden rules of property selling is not to skimp on photography. And you don"t have to take our word for it – look at the results of a recent survey of home buyers.... Read More

Selling Your Home to Pay for Long-Term Care in Newham 15 July 2022

If you or a loved one need to move into a care home or require home care, you might be considering selling your property to pay for the costs. This is a difficult decision, and there"s a lot to consider.

It"s important to go through all the proper steps when considering long-term costs, and this article is not a definitive guide on what you should do.... Read More

Seven Ways Newham Landlords Can Ace Property Inspections 04 July 2022

Seven Ways Newham Landlords Can Ace Property Inspections

Inspections are a key part of managing a tenancy so it"s imperative that landlords get them right. Here are some top tips to ensure landlords don"t miss a thing. A two-minute read.

We"ve all heard the horror stories about nightmare tenants who trash a rental property, leaving the landlord up to their neck in repair bills and legal costs.... Read More

The Interior Styles That Could Add £10k to the Price of Your Newham Home 29 June 2022

This two-minute read explains how to nail the must-have looks that could push up the price of your home.

Here at Stonebridge, we"ve been telling our clients for years to ditch the clutter and get the décor spot on to secure a top sale. Well now a survey has proved us right!... Read More

The Truth Behind Rent-to-Rent Schemes in Newham 13 June 2022

As a busy landlord juggling a portfolio of multiple properties, you might be thinking about ways to reduce your workload or secure a regular income. Have you been enticed by promises of guaranteed rent?

Guaranteed rental schemes or rent-to-rent (R2R, not R2D2) schemes are growing in popularity.... Read More

Guide To Switching Letting Agents 06 June 2022

This two-minute read looks at why landlords should change letting agents and how it can benefit them.

Did you know that lots of people pay more for their phone bills, car insurance or Wi-Fi simply because the thought of changing providers is too stressful? This is like a lot of landlords – they stick with the same letting agent they"ve used for years just because it"s easier to stay put.... Read More

A Landlord`s Guide to HMOs in Newham 26 May 2022

As a landlord, you might be thinking about how to get more value from your property. While the rental market for single tenancies is booming, have you considered a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)?

These days, HMOs are big business. In simple terms, it"s where a single property is made into multiple dwellings.... Read More

Why Selling Via an Estate Agent is Your Best Bet 25 May 2022

When selling your home, you might notice that costs start building up. Paying out for repairs, buying storage to hide away clutter, legal costs, commission fees; there"s a fair bit to budget for, and you haven"t even moved yet.

So, how can you save money?

The answer is definitely NOT by cutting out estate agents and going it alone.... Read More

Four Things You Must Do If You`re an Accidental Landlord 16 May 2022

If you"ve become a landlord due to unexpected circumstances such as bereavement or a new relationship, here"s some helpful advice. A two-minute read.

It"s surprising how many people become landlords more by chance than design – or in other words, ‘accidental landlords".... Read More

Five Ways to Make Your Newham Home Look More Spacious 11 May 2022

Find out how you can impress buyers by making each room in your home look as spacious as possible. A two-minute read.

Whether you"re marketing a one-bedroom flat or a seven-bedroom mansion, the same rule usually applies – big is beautiful.... Read More